The Year of Ultraviolet

Let’s be honest here, who else immediately thought of Prince when Pantone announced that their colour of the year is Ultraviolet? *raises both hands*

Image courtesy of LoveSomeBunny

It’s dreamy, dramatic, beautiful… just like Prince. My heart still hurts that he’s gone…

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this colour. Ultraviolet. Even the name is exciting and provocative. I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings in the design industry–fashion, interior design, graphic design. There will be explosions of ultraviolet everywhere, and I seriously can’t wait to see it in all its forms.

I know what you’re thinking, “but how will Ultraviolet affect the cake and baking world?” Oh, my darlings, there are so many ways it can affect it:

In my world, it already has.

Aside from just adding food colouring to make beautiful shades of purple, there is one ingredient that I’ve been working with since I started my baking business nearly 10 years ago that is naturally purple. If you don’t know already, ube or the purple yam is as you guessed it, purple. It’s also naturally sweet and is a mainstay ingredient in Filipino cooking and baking.

While my Filipino Ube cake (a chiffon cake with macapunoΒ swiss meringue buttercream) remains a favourite (I’m pretty sure I’ve made a bajillion ube cakes in the last decade), I experimented last year to make an ube based dessert with a North American twist. What I came up with was the ube macapuno blondieΒ and it was a hit from the get-go.

In honour of Ultraviolet, I will be experimenting even more with ube this year, focusing on making more Filipino-Canadian/North American dessert mashups!

It’s time to blast ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ in the kitchen and go wild with Ultraviolet.

I invite you to do the same. In fact, let’s go crazy together!

What are some Ultraviolet treats you’ll be making this year? What Canadian and/or North American treat would you like to see as a mashup with ube? Leave me a comment or send me a shout!


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